The process.

A timeline of what to expect when you hire us.


Watch the video below for a quick overview.

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The Process.

In this initial stage we begin by identifying the end goal of the website design. We will all collaborate with everybody involved. Some questions to expect are:

  • What demographic is the site for?
  • What should the user expect to do or find there?
  • Is this website’s primary aim to inform, to sell (ecommerce, anyone?), or to amuse, or a small business?
  • Does the website need to clearly convey a brand’s core message, or is it part of a wider branding strategy with its own unique focus?
  • What competitor sites, if any, exist, and how should this site be inspired by/different than, those competitors?

This is the most important part of any web development process.


After we get a firm grasp of what it is you want your website to portray, we will get to the nitty gritty of the design concept. We will decide on things like 

  • Number of pages (or features) of the site: landing page, about page, contact page, menu page, etc.
  • Additional versions for devices: tablets, phones, etc. (responsive)
  • Number of design revision rounds.
  • Graphic/visual design work: logos, icons, or graphics.
  • Hosting: how’s this site getting online. Are we hosting it for you or do you have that covered?
  • Maintenance, if any.

This will go into much more detail once we discover the scope of the project. It is designed so both you and us know exactly what kind of work needs to be done.

Okay, we have our general scope figured out. Now, its content time. We will get all content from you. Things like:

  • images
  • product names
  • product prices
  • services you provide
  • about you/company
  • etc

Once you have delivered the content for the website we will have a clear understanding of the layout that will go into the design.

Finally, it’s time to create the visual style for the site. This part of the design process will often be shaped by existing branding elements, color choices, and logos, as stipulated by the you or your company.

Congratulations, you’re nearing the end of your project! Welcome to “The Test” portion of the project. This is one of the last and most important phases of the project as you will now review the website to ensure its completion and accuracy.

We will walk you through on things to check.

Voila! You have a brand spankin’ new website to look after – unless, of course that is something you want us to handle (which we offer free for 30 days after launch). We will train you on how to add, delete and manage your website content. If you choose to sign up for one of our website care plans we would be happy keep assisting you with security updates, content management, backups and general support.